Built on residential expertise and professionalism, LHM eases the worries associated with home ownership. While you’re away and when you’re in residence, leave the details of property management, maintenance, and construction with us. We’ll ensure that your East End home remains a beautiful, safe, stress-free retreat for the enjoyment of you and your family.


Louis Pekofsky, Owner

Louis has a unique background that provides him with knowledge and expertise in every aspect of home management. With a family background in residential construction, Louis attended the Schack Institute of Real Estate at New York University and holds a degree in Real Estate Finance and Construction Management.He has worked for some of the top developers and owners in New York City as a Project Coordinator, Project Engineer, and Project Manager.While pursuing his career in the city, he worked with his family developing a portfolio of residential properties on the East End. With each of the properties in need of some work or repurposing, Louis managed the renovations and upon completion

maintained the houses as year-round rentals.Through this process he has vetted a list of trusted contractors who are reliable and reasonable. With a vast understanding of residential construction, his education in construction management, and years spent in Manhattan coordinating, scheduling, bidding, and building — Louis is a one stop shop for all of your home needs. In addition, Louis holds a Certified Green Professional accreditation from the National Association of Homebuilders as well as numerous OSHA safety certifications. You can rest assured with LHM overseeing your investment, that your property is protected and maintained with professionalism and privacy.